ARAMARK UNIFORM SERVICES Job Openings in Terre Haute, Indiana

We are now accepting applications for the following positions:TunnelSoilIron/FoldingPlease see below for descriptionsPosition Overview:Plant employees are assigned tasks within the normal operation of an industrial laundry. The assigned tasks arerepetitive in nature and acceptable proficiency can nonnally be attained within a few days.One is normally assigned to a specific task's area within the production flow of the laundry. The various task'sareas are explained separately. Due to varying production requirements incumbents may be instructed by a memberof the management team to assume tasks not nonnally assigned to the incumbent.Essential Functions:All positions in the plant require the following: Perform the assigned tasks in a proficient manner. This includes attaining a minimum of 100% of theproduction standard for tasks for which production standards have been established. Maintain high quality standards on all work performed. Inspect all materials for damage or excessive wear andproperly report the findings to the appropriate responsible person for resolution. Maintain a clean and hazard free work area. Immediately report all broken or malfunctioning equipment orsafety hazards to the appropriate person for corrective action. Follow all company and work rules. Must be able to work effectively in a team environment Support an environment of continuous improvement by making suggestions and implementing where possible. Perfonn other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope of the activities enumeratedabove.Descriptions of various tasks in the plant:Load/Unload Unloads soiled merchandise from the shuttle trailer(s) and/or step van(s). Moves soiled merchandise to the sorting area. Moves clean merchandise to appropriate area, i.e. stockroom route distribution. Loads clean merchandise into shuttle trailer(s) and/or step van(s). Assists in soil and sort tasks.Soil Room Sort, count, tag and list soiled merchandise. Place soiled merchandise in slings and/or carts for movement to the washroomWashroom Weighs slinged or carted soiled merchandise to assure the proper weight for laundering. Hoists slings or pushes carts to wash area. Loads soiled merchandise into washers. Activates washers insuring proper weight, balance, water temperature and cleansing material.Folding Removes clean merchandise from washers and moves by slings or carts to extractor, dryer, or steamtunnel. Maintains appropriate, required production records. Removes cleaned gannents from carts. Grades merchandise per pre-established standards. Properly folds and bundles shop towels, bar towels, fender covers, overalls and other items requiringfolding, inspection and bundling. Moves folded and bundled items to route make-up area by conveyor or cart.Steam Tunnel Unloads carts of clean garments from the washroom. Places garments on hangers and hangs them on the conveyor system leading top the steam tunnel. Inspects garrnents for damage, excessive wear or failure to properly clean and reports finding toappropriate person.Pressing Unloads carts of clean garments from the washroom. Properly presses garments utilizing a combination of flat ironers or automatic pressing machines as isappropriate. Place the gannents on hangers. Place pressed garments on conveyor system for further processing. Inspects garments for damage, excessive wear or failure to properly clean and reports findings toappropriate person.Inspection Examines merchandise for excessive wear, damage or improper processing. Routes unacceptable items to proper person for mending or replacement.Mending And Sewing Repairs merchandise, mainly garments. Requires proficient use of sewing equipment, knowledge or proper sewing techniques, then nopatchingequipment and other tools used in repair of textile material. Returns properly mended items to the production flow or order make-up in a timely manner. Sews emblems on garments and hems pants requiring alterations Ensures proper emblems are attac