Federal Mogul Assembly and Finishing Process Technician in South Bend, Indiana

Enhance production operations by supporting and ensuring continuous improvement of Anodize, Phosphate, Skirt Coat, Assembly machines and other Assembly and Finishing (AandF) Systems. This includes, but is not limited to, systems performance in areas such as uptime, reliability, and quality. This position reports to the Production Supervisor, and works with the engineers across all Finishing, Assembly, Material Handling, Vision, and other Shift disciplines. Provide technical knowledge and support existing assembly and finishing systems. This technical knowledge includes but is not limited to vision, inkjet, gauging, and anodize testing, reaction plans, and troubleshooting on all and future processes. Manage Tooling for the Anodize, Skirt Coat and Assembly areas. Assist engineering in maintaining of processes and machines, including trial runs and PPAPs. Assist engineering in the improvement and stream lining of existing processes and machines. Track and monitor current processes and systems for effectiveness and throughput and work with operators, engineering and maintenance to improve overall uptime and quality by aggressively attacking issues that contribute to downtime and scrap. PAY RANGE: $18.76 - $23.45 PER HOUR REQUIREMENTS:1. Minimum one year of factory experience and a high school diploma or GED.2. Achieve the company's minimum score on the Bennett Mechanical Aptitude Test.3. Able to work an 8 hour shift on a regular basis.4. Must be a good communicator and be able to accept requests for assistance from other associates as well as from the direct supervisor.5. The appropriate manager(s), for the purpose of demonstrating the best fit for this position, may interview interested applicants.6. Must be able to lift, push, and/or pull up to 60 pounds occasionally.7. On a continuous basis (100% of the time) must be able to stand and/or walk.8. On a frequent basis must be able to stoop, or bend (up to one-half of the work day).9. On a frequent basis must be able to crouch downward and forward by bending legs and spine.10. On a frequent basis must be able to reach by extending hands and arms as well as handle by seizing, holding, grasping, turning or working with hands.11. Depth perception, or three-dimensional vision, is also needed on a frequent basis.12. Necessary on an occasional basis (up to one-third of the work period) is the ability to kneel by bending the legs at the knees to come to rest on the knee or knees.13. Fingering by picking, pinching, or otherwise working with the fingers rather than the whole hand or arm is also needed on an occasional basis.14. Near acuity (clarity of vision at 20" or less) is needed on an occasional basis as well.15. Must be able to make occasional trips to manufacturing sites and customers by air and by automobile. Duration from one to four days.16. Able to be on call 24/7 for customer and manufacturing sites.17. Able and willing to work around fuel mixtures, moving parts, and electrical power.