Synectics Inc. Engineering Technician (Engineering Tech) in Munster, Indiana

Description:Performing diagnostics and repair on a wide variety of electronic devices such as power suppliers, analog/digital input/output boards, inverters and other contrl devices used in industrial manufacturing.Repair devices from all major manufacturers of industrial electronics.Working with a wide variety of devices to be evaluated and repaired.Problem solving, in the analysis and repair of a device.Use knowledge of general electronics circuits, experience and a variety of testing and diagnostic equipment to isolate failures and validate repairs through proven functional tests and mythologies.Consulting with a senior technician on the various products to be repaired.Learning and developing a troubleshooting strategy for the device to isolate the cause of the failure, and recomended repair techniques.Performing the repair actions as directed by the senior technician or documented repair procuedure, then performing standard component diagnostics on the remaining components to ensure product integrity.Locating repacement or equivalent parts through the use of bill of materials, schematics (where available) and internet searches.Performing a final fuctional test of the device using a wide variety of test fixtures and test procedures to validate the repair and full functionality of the device, completing additional work required for devices that do not pass functional testing.Creation of service reports that detail the scope of the damage on the device, repairs made including a listing of the components that were replaced and a description of functional testing results.Development of limited test procedures, the creation of test fixtures for unique devices using breadboards, various standard electronic components such as voltage regulators, potentiometers, and/or simple integrated circuit devicesQualifications:4-year degree in Electronics Technology (BSEET) with prior work experience preferred, or a 2-year degree in Electronics Technology (ASEET) with 1-3 years of work experience in a related field or 5+ years of related work experience.Excellent Soldering skills of electronic components on various types of circuit boards and electronic assemblies including double or multi-layer electronics circuit boards.Proficient in the use of desolder tools, talon and/or hot air for component removal.Electronic Component diagnostics of standard devices such as resistors, capacitors, diodes, simple integrated curcuits devices such as voltage regulators and optical isolators.Highly skillsed in the use of a Digital Multimeter, Oscilloscope, Frquency Generator and a Huntron tracker to perfrom diagnostics.Able to perform electronic circuit tracking to detect circuit board failures.Experience and knowledge of analog circuits using OpAmps, TTL, and CMOS devices are also desirable.Good verbal and written skillsProficient in Microsoft Office and general computer useSince 1984, Synectics has been committed to aligning talented professionals with jobs they find challenging and fulfilling. Let us leverage our recruiting experience and our long standing relationships with our clients to help you in your job search.To view a comprehensive list of jobs offered by Synectics, please visit our website at We offer a wide variety of positions in cities throughout the United States.Synectics is an Equal Opportunity Employer.Don't forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook for news, updates, and new opportunities!