IMI People Mechanical Conveyor Installer in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Job Description

IMI is looking for Mechanical Conveyor Installers to join our team in Jeffersonville, IN. We are looking for individuals with experience in conveyor installation, component pre-assembly or minimum of 3 years’ experience in industrial construction, industrial maintenance, or auto mechanics.

The successful candidate will:

Possess a high degree of safety awareness

Be self-motivated, results-oriented, and task-oriented

Be highly mechanically inclined

Have a willingness to accept instruction and a variety of new tasks

Be comfortable working at heights of up to 30 feet

Required Qualifications

All PPE is required - Hard hat, work glasses, work gloves, steel toe work boots, & high visual vest/t-shirt.

The following tools are required for this site:

Tape Measure

2lb Small Sledge Hammer

3/8" Ratchet set with Standard Sockets ranging from 3/8" to 1" (deep well recommended)

Standard Wrench set

Set of Standard Allen Wrenches

And, all or some of the following tools:

Toolbox or bag

Level (7-10 inch)

Band Cutters (tin snips)

Line Up Pin or Drift Pin (8 to 10 inches long)

Speed Square (small carpenter one)

Chalk Box


Location: Jeffersonville, IN

Job Type: Temp/Contract

Start Date: 01/07/2019

Hours: Full Time

Travel: No

Relocation: No