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POSCO AAPC LLC Annealing Specialist in Jeffersonville, Indiana

Manage and control system operation and system qualities in annealing lines; Establish and adjust annealing production schedules; Establish operational guidelines for Roller Hearth Type Furnace for spheroidizing annealing, full annealing, low annealing, and stress relief annealing process of steel wire rods; Establish guidelines for optimum usage of insulation furnace and ceramic fiber to reduce heat radiation loss and minimize heat accumulation; Manage heat treatment conditions by controlling steel condition, heat cycle, atmosphere gas flow, and safety measures, using programmable logic controller (PLC);Analyze and adjust gas concentration degree, using Co/Co2/O2 gas analyzer and common piping gas analyzer;Diagnose system malfunctions and troubleshoot such malfunctions; Operate calibration, test apparatus, and wastewater disposal facilities; Ensure that all furnace systems are properly operated in accordance with technical specifications; Ensures that all safety measures are followed and all furnace systems are in safe condition; Ensure that all equipment and systems in Bath Type Wire Coil Annealing Furnace Lines are properly upgraded and modified in conformity with up-to-date technologies; Check finished products to ensure product quality; Perform ISO9001 and TS16949 audits; Provide the following trainings to local technicians:Operating and managing furnace control systems, such as Furnace Zone Combustion Control, PF Atmosphere Control, Furnace Pressure Control, PLC Hardware, Material Handling Function, PF Control Function, Pattern Control Function, and Human Machine Interface Application Software; Heat treatment process and usage of air-cooling steel materials with furnaces and cooling fans; Supplying LN gas, cooling water, power, gas generator, and N2 gas in annealing machines; Setting up annealing machines and systems to control or adjust gas concentration degree, temperature, pressure, hardness, and cycles for systems; Preparing mixture of chemicals with Co, Co2, Rx gas, and N2 gas and measuring and properly adjusting these chemicals; and Complying with safety protocols in case of an emergency situation such as power, cooling water, air flow, and gas flow shutting down in order to prevent risks and damage. Requirements: At least 1 year of experience (in the job offered) in steel manufacturing industry;Knowledge in Cold Heading Quality heat treatment processes; and Skills in handling Heat Treatment Furnace Systems, Furnace Controlling System Programs, and gas and chemical analysis. Mail resumes to: POSCO AAPC, LLC, 5146 Loop Road, Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130