Pace Analytical Services, Inc. Semi-VOA Manager in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Lab Manager is responsible, with the guidance of the laboratory General Manager, for laboratory operations of the SVOA/Organic Extraction departments within the laboratory, including the production flow of the departments, personnel and staffing, planning, and technical guidance.

  • Developing and implementing day-to-day workload scheduling

  • Defining and managing to the required capacity of the departments and working with the staff to ensure they understand their roles in helping the departments and the lab meet their objectives

  • Instilling a “can-do” production environment relative to meeting due dates and technical requirements, with staff assignments that maximize the time and capabilities of all personnel involved

  • Setting production goals

  • Working with lab general manager to prepare appropriate budget and staffing plans

  • Assessing costs and benefits of requested changes in the departments, so that appropriate decisions can be made, based on all available information

  • Prioritizing activities within the departments that must be completed to meet personnel and production goals

  • Empowering department members to take responsibility to execute parts of a plan, as appropriate

  • Providing input to the lab management team, in a proactive manner, on issues that affect the entire lab

  • Providing technical guidance to staff on a daily basis, in order to build their skills and to positively affect production flow

  • As required within the departments, overseeing the work, ensuring technical accuracy, and providing data review and validation tasks

  • Exploring technical options within the department, such as instrumentation or automation

  • Providing needed technical guidance to project management and sales staff. Responding in a timely manner to requests for review of project criteria and raising issues which will help maximize client satisfaction

  • Encouraging staff to raise questions in their daily operations, so that their concerns are addressed and so that options to clients can be presented

  • Proactively presenting ideas to project management and sales team that will enhance laboratory offerings

  • In conjunction with sales and/or project management staff, responding to client requests or concerns

  • Promoting cooperation and teamwork among staff and compliance with Pace policies and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Managerial Responsibilities

  • Understanding and implementing the required staffing for the departments with the appropriate flexibility to respond to the peaks and valleys of the workload

  • Working with human resources personnel to define the appropriate alternative sources for effective staffing

  • Seeking guidance of the lab operations manager or lab general manager to respond to new ideas or suggestions relative to staffing alternatives

  • Training is assessed and tracked on an ongoing basis, with plans put in place to create a staff with the right skill set and appropriate backup

  • A model for the departments (defining what level positions with associated skill sets are needed) is used as a template for defining needed training and growth options for employees

  • Creating training records and training plans as a living document

  • Playing a positive management role by holding regular formal and informal performance reviews of staff in your departments. Influencing the staff in a positive way, while seeking their input, and creating a positive working environment

  • Playing a key role in positively promoting the strategies and decisions of the lab, while responding quickly to concerns of staff

  • Retaining and motivating staff to provide for a cohesive team; while effectively bringing in temporary staff as needed

  • Bachelor’s degree (BA/BS) in chemistry or science-related from four-year college or university

  • Experience in an environmental testing lab

  • Supervisory experience preferred

Pace Analytical is an Equal Opportunity Employer and will not discriminate against any applicant for employment on the basis of race, age, religion, sex, veterans, individuals with disabilities, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

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