Bastian Solutions IoT Front End Developer in Indianapolis, Indiana

IoT Front End Developer

  • Indianapolis, IN, USA

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Bastian Solutions is an industry leader in innovative material handling systems and technology. This position will be responsible for assisting in the development of cloud based applications within an IoT infrastructure. This position would support the ingestion, analysis, processing, storage and presentation of data. Strong experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is preferred for this position, and knowledge of front end web development is required. The engineer should also be comfortable investigating new technologies and methods for improving existing projects. This position will work with a small IoT team to assist in the deployment and maintenance of various web applications and cloud-based systems that support the delivery of IoT services to customers.

Superior Performance Objectives:

An excelling candidate will be one who:

  • Desire for continued learning

  • Contributes web application design ideas with IoT Team

  • Takes initiative to fill in gaps in the development lifecycle

  • Has a designer's eye and understands visual appeal

  • Completes any tasks necessary to achieve a production-level web application (this can include tasks beyond coding)

  • Is a curious self-learner who applies new theories to practical applications


  • Bachelor's in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related field

  • 2+ years of professional software development experience

  • JavaScript/HTML/CSS

  • C# / .NET

  • Skilled in front end development

  • Has back end development experience with desire to advance skills

  • Understanding of IT security concepts and how to implement them

  • Understanding of design patterns, data structures, and algorithms

  • Understanding of RESTful APIs

  • Ability to quickly learn new libraries and programming frameworks

  • Ability to devise elegant software solutions when given an engineering problem

  • Working knowledge of DevOps


  • Vue.js or other single page application frameworks

  • Experience with API integration

  • Python

  • Node.js

  • Amazon Web Services certification

  • Experience with MQTT

  • Experience with the Git source control system and Team Foundation Server

  • Experience with Serverless architectures

  • Experience with Agile environments

  • Azure/Google Cloud experience will be considered

  • Unity environment experience

  • 1+ years of AWS/IT experience

General Responsibilities:

  • Assists in the design of robust, maintainable, highly scalable web applications, including browser-, desktop-, and mobile-based

  • Collaborate with web development team to implement application layer (back-end and front-end) features

  • Assist with API design and implementation

  • Implement software using agreed-upon coding standards

  • Test software thoroughly using conventional test- and behavior-driven development and integration testing

  • Maintain software according to customer's needs and feedback

  • Design and implement build and deployment scripts

  • General assistance with taking IoT products and services to market

  • Other duties as assigned


  • Creative

  • Curious

  • Problem-solver

  • Persistent

  • Enjoys working at the big-picture level, focusing on concepts, requirements, and architectures while understanding low-level details

  • Enjoys solving problems even without prior experience--able to quickly learn what is necessary to fill in the gaps

  • Capable of assimilating into collaborative teams to reach a common technical goal

  • Enjoys technology and how it can be applied to real world applications

  • Team player open to different and opposing ideas

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Responsive to requests

  • Positive, Energetic, and Optimistic

  • Comfortable operating independently, autonomously'self-guided

  • Ambition and desire to succeed



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