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Metal Technologies Inc. Maintenance Repairer 2nd & 3rd Shift - $26.95+ in Auburn, Indiana

General Summary: Performs a variety of mechanical and electrical maintenance and repair work on plant equipment including Disamatic molding machines, shot blast machines, furnaces, pumps, fans, gear boxes, shafts, belts, water and air lines, valves, motors, electrical panels, generators, etc.

Essential Functions:

  • Troubleshoot, maintain and repair foundry related electrical systems and equipment.

  • Performs preventive maintenance in accordance with required program.

  • Operates a variety of standard hand tools and power tools (drills, lathes, grinders, saws, etc.) and other related equipment (welding) to make necessary repairs.

  • Install machinery and electrical systems to support a variety of foundry related equipment.

  • Read and understand schematics, blueprints, manuals, etc. to perform required work.

  • Transfers containers and other material with fork lift as needed within compliance of work instructions.

  • When assigned to operate a fork lift must complete daily inspection checklists as required.

  • Maintains a clean and orderly work area.

  • Weekend work is usually required.

  • Employee must supply own common tools. Specific tools will be supplied by the Company.

  • Comply with all safety and PPE requirements as identified in plant protocols.

  • May be assigned other duties as needed.

Experience Required

  • Prior knowledge of green sand foundry practices, principles, equipment, etc. preferred.

  • Minimum of three (3) years Industrial Maintenance experience required.

    Education, Training & Skills

  • Ability to effectively organize multiple tasks.

  • Industrial Maintenance Technology courses/Journeyman highly desired.

Work Environment: Inside and outside, noisy, dusty – sand and metal airborne particulate. Work in close proximity to molten iron and hot parts. Radiant heat and warm temperatures in some department, climate changes with weather when going outside to take care of some duties, vibrations from conveyors and grinders. Work around moving machinery, work aloft frequently, and work under conveyors and in confined spaces.

Physical Requirements

(Minimum: greater than once per week and less than 25 minutes of 8 hour work cycle. Occasional: less than 1/3. Frequent: 1/3 to 2/3. Constant: over 2/3 of work cycle.)

Sitting Occasional While driving lift truck

Standing Constant Concrete or matted surface

Walking Frequent To/From work area/stockroom

Foot Use Occasional Fork truck

Below waist Level Work Frequent working under conveyors, troubleshooting motors/controls

Climbing Frequent ladders/Stairs to/from work areas - conveyors

Balancing Frequent working while on ladders, lifts, crane

Push / Pull Frequent torqueing on bolts, operating chain hoists, pulling wiring

Carrying Constant tools, parts, materials to/from work areas

Physical Requirements: LIFTING

(Minimal - Once per hour. Occasional - Less than 15 lifts per hour. Frequent - between 15 and 30 lifts per hour. Constant - More than 30 per hour.)

0 – 10 lbs. Constant tools, parts

11 – 20 lbs. Constant tools, parts, equipment

21 – 35 lbs. Constant tools, parts, equipment

36 – 50 lbs. Occasional motors, equipment, chains, hoists

51 – 75 lbs. Minimal equipment, parts

76 – 100 lbs. Minimal equipment, parts

Over 100 lbs. Minimal equipment, parts

Comments: Maximum Lifted Weight (in lbs.): 100 Object: Oxygen tanks (welding/cutting)

Physical Requirements: UPPER EXTREMITIES

(Minimum: greater than once per week and less than 25 minutes of 8 hour work cycle. Occasional: less than 1/3.

Frequent: 1/3 to 2/3. Constant: over 2/3 of work cycle.)

Reaching over 15” away from the body Frequent removing/installing parts, bolts, etc.

Reaching above shoulder (51.9”) Frequent removing/installing parts, bolts, etc.

Fine Motor Frequent threading bolts/nuts

Forceful Motion Frequent Shoveling, torqueing on bolts

Sensory Requirements

Vision Ability to see small print and color on items

Hearing Listen for issues with timing belts, motors, etc.

Touch Must be able to feel/pick up items

Smell Smell gas leaks, burnt up motors/belts

External Company Name: Metal Technologies Inc.

Street: 1537 Auburn Dr.